Concrete Washing

When considering keeping up on your home’s maintenance needs, many home owners do not initially recognize concrete as one of the property’s most expensive investments. Cleaning your driveway, patios, and walkways is essential to maintaining your curb appeal. Furthermore, adding a water-repellent sealant is paramount in extending your concretes lifespan. Concrete is porous, much like a sponge. During the Winter months, water permeates the surface of the concrete, upon freezing, the water will expand up to ten percent, causing mechanical forces that lead to chipping, flaking, cracking, and spalling.

Attempting to pressure wash your concrete with consumer grade equipment can be a backbreaking task, and also give an inconsistent and unsightly result. All Star Power Cleaning is equipped with best in class equipment and industry standard training.

First we will conduct a high pressure surface clean, and when necessary do this in conjunction with a detergent to assist the cleaning process. If sealing is requested, we will return and apply a Siloxane-based, breathable sealer to protect