Did you know concrete is the most abundant man-made material on Earth? Brushed concrete is a material of choice for driveways and walkways for most homes across America. While a concrete driveway seems indestructible, tiny pores are on the service. Mold and organic matter becomes trapped in these pores over time leaving a worn looking surface. Even more troublesome are the effects of frozen water and calcium chloride (road salts) to concrete.

Think of the porous concrete surface like a sponge. Water penetrates the surface and becomes frozen during the wintertime, and will expand 9% during this cycle. This will cause flaking and surface damage on a driveway. Furthermore, Calcium Chloride or road salt will permeate the concrete causing gradual damage to the surface of concrete wreaking havoc.

Improper cleaning  can cause permanent etch marks in the surface. For a small fraction of the cost of replacing a driveway a professional service can not only make your investment look brand new and increase your curb appeal but also add a protective sealer to penetrate the porous surface and keep water and salts out and drastically increase the lifespan of your concrete!